2024.03.04News Release

【Japanese Sake×Hanami Theme】Sake Brands 'KURA ONE🄬'×QAQA×#SOZO美術館 ~ LINE Quiz & AI Art Campaign ~

BLOCKSMITH&Co. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tetsuya Sanada; hereinafter "BLOCKSMITH") is pleased to announce that a quiz short video SNS ‘QAQA’ is collaborating with id10 japan corporation (Head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Katsunari Sawada; hereinafter "the company"), which offers the "KURA ONE🄬" brand of Japanese sake and Haima Corporation, operator of #SOZO Museum of Art, a new platform for publicly soliciting AI artworks via SNS (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Katsutoshi Kitamura) will jointly hold a campaign for LINE quiz answers and AI art submission campaign under the theme of "14 Sake Breweries in Japan x Hanami".

This campaign is a combination of Japanese sake and the Hanami season, and is based on the theme of "14 Sake Breweries in Japan x Hanami". Quizzes about sake and sake breweries will be given on LINE, and AI artwork will be solicited on X to match the theme.

■ Details

<LINE Quiz Answer Campaign>
The campagin provides an opportunity to gain deeper and broader knowledge through quizzes about sake and sake breweries.
There will be a quiz with 10 questions in total, and one person who answers all questions correctly will win a "KURA ONE🄬" cold canned sake cup box. In addition, 5 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who answer the questions to receive a "KURA ONE🄬" sake assortment set.

<AI Art Submission Campaign>
We are looking for AI art on X that crosses 14 sake breweries (regions of Japan) x Hanami. As a result of the judging, 21 can-sets of "KURA ONE🄬" will be awarded as the KURAONE Prize, a "KURA ONE🄬" cold sake cup box as the Still Image Prize, and an assorted sake set as the Motion Prize.

■ Schedule

・Phase 1 "Western Japan Area": 4th March 2024, 10:00 am - 17th March, 2024 9:59 pm
Quizzes on the following breweries (regions) and AI art will be solicited.


・Phase 2 "East Japan Area": 18th March 2024, 10:00 am - 31st March 2024, 9:59 pm
Quizzes on the following breweries (regions) and AI art will be solicited.

■ Background

KURA ONE🄬 is a small-capacity sake brand offered by id10 japan corporation which aims to change the "unreachable" to "deliverable" category of sake. It is a brand of sake in small-capacity aluminum cans. Sake from sake breweries around Japan that have won awards in Japan and abroad are packaged in 180ml aluminum cans and delivered to purchasers along with stories of how to enjoy and be amazed by the sake. Sales will begin in January 2023 and exports have already begun with inquiries from more than 10 foreign countries.


This collaboration was realized through the empathy between "QAQA," a quiz short video SNS that can deliver the strong desire and enthusiasm that people and companies working on something have for the concept of "KURA ONE🄬" of "Delivering the Unreachable" and #SOZO Museum of Art, a museum specializing in AI art that uses AI to create free ideas and thoughts.
The quizzes to be given this time will include questions on the basics of sake, the passion behind "KURA ONE🄬" and sake breweries throughout Japan, in order to deliver the charm of "KURA ONE🄬" as it is.


"QAQA" will continue to "deliver" the strong thoughts and passion of people and companies in the form of vertical quiz videos, thereby becoming a point of contact with more people and helping to convey their thoughts and passion in a fun and casual manner.

■ Contact for selection

<LINE Quiz Answer Campaign>
We will contact you on the official QAQA LINE account.


<AI Art Submission Campaign>
We will contact you via DM on X.

■ How to Apply

<LINE Quiz Answer Campaign>
1. Register the official 『QAQA』 LINE account as a friend. ▶ 

2. Answer the quizzes from the 'Answer Campaign Quiz' menu at the bottom of the talk screen.

▶ Campagin Website


※ Those who are currently experiencing the "QAQA" pre-play can also participate from within the application.
※ Participants from on LINE and those from the app will be drawn together.

<AI Art Submission Campaign>
Subject: AI art campaign that combines a sake brewery with a hanami spot in the area.

Please check the campaign website for AI art submission regulations.


  • KURA ONE🄬 Prize
    One work will be selected as the Grand Prize among all the entries.


  • Still Image Prize
    One still image work will be selected from among all the entries.


  • Motion Prize
    One work will be selected from among the motion pictures submitted.

1. Follow the official "QAQA" account ( ) on X and add the official "QAQA" LINE as a friend (

2. Use the image generation AI to create "Image of 14 sake breweries (regions) in Japan crossed with Hanami (cherry blossom viewing)".

3. Simply post your generated work on X with the following  four hashtags (5 in the application for the Motion Prize). Please copy and paste the following into your application.

・Phase 1 "Western Japan Area"

For Still Image works:
#kuraonesake #SOZO美術館 #QAQA

For Motion works:
#kuraonesake #SOZO美術館 #QAQA

・Phase 2 "East Japan Area"

For Still Image works:
#kuraonesake #SOZO美術館 #QAQA

For Motion works:
#kuraonesake #SOZO美術館 #QAQA

▶Campagin Website


As for judging, the entries will be judged comprehensively based on the #SOZO美術館, id10 japan corporation and BLOCKSMITH's judging and votes by #SOZO Members, and the number of impressions on the submitted works.

*As for the announcement date, it is scheduled for late April.

■ Conditions of Production and Terms of Application

  • Winners will be notified via their X "QAQA" account.
  • Any image generation AI tool is acceptable.
  • Please see the AI art submission terms and conditions on the details page (

■ Prize

<LINE Quiz Answer Campaign>
KURA ONE🄬" cold canned sake cup box present

  • 1 winners by by drawing from among those who answer all questions correctly.

Sake Assortment Set Present

  • 5 winners by lottery

<AI Art Submission Campaign>
「KURA ONE🄬」Prize

One work will be selected as the Grand Prize among all the entries.

  • Sake 21 cans set & Amazon Gift card 20,000 JPY x 1 person

Still Image Prize

One still image work will be selected from among all the entries.

  • KURA ONE🄬 cold sake cup box & Amazon Gift card 10,000 JPY x 1

Motion Prize

One work will be selected from among the motion pictures submitted.

  • Sake Assortment Set & Amazon Gift card 10,000 JPY x 1

About「KURA ONE🄬」

KURA ONE🄬 is a sake brand that changes the problems of communication and delivery from "unreachable" to "deliverable," such as the problems of containers that are heavy, undrinkable, breakable, or do not fit in a refrigerator, the problems of language, such as not understanding the technical terms for sake or not understanding Japanese, and the problems of delivery, such as not being able to purchase sake.

Sake that can be enjoyed and experienced as a language of stories and surprises is carefully selected from marketed products brewed by award-winning sake breweries in Japan and abroad and commercialized as the "KURA ONE🄬" collection. The 180mL aluminum cans, which are lighter and smaller in volume, reduce shipping costs and allow those who are not yet familiar with sake to easily try a small amount of the best sake.


▶Official Website:

About id10 japan corporation

id10 japan corporation's vision is "to bring the future closer to a world where sake and other regional products made with Japan's local strength and craftsmanship can be purchased all over the world". As a player that discovers new value in Japan's Native Products (regional products), we are taking on the challenge of changing the "unreachable" into the "deliverable".

After building a track record of delivering 720ml bottles to 50 countries around the world using its own packaging materials, cross-border e-commerce services, and smartphone applications, KURA ONE®, a small-capacity aluminum can sake, was launched on 31st Jan, 2023.

KURA ONE🄬 is attracting attention as a product and service that transforms communication issues such as "large," "heavy," "breakable," "don't know about sake" and "can't read Japanese" and delivery issues such as "don't know where to buy" and "can't deliver small lots" into "delivery.


▶Official Website:

About ‘QAQA’

"QAQA" is a user-generated vertical short video quiz app where users can ask quizzes, accumulate "Chips" by continuously answering correctly, and exchange the accumulated "Chips" for the cryptocurrency "BLQS".

An alpha version is available for users to experience certain features such as quiz questions and answers. Various event functions to enhance the quiz experience, as well as the addition of NFTs, the cryptocurrency "BLQS," and a proprietary wallet, are planned to be gradually introduced.



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