Notice of Change in Main Shareholder

At a board meeting held today, BLOCKSMITH&Co. (hereinafter; BLOCKSMITH) have approved a share transfer agreement from KLab Inc. (hereinafter; KLab), our current main shareholder, to Six Senses Holdings Corporation, the asset management company of Tetsuya Sanada (hereinafter; Sanada), CEO of BLOCKSMITH.


As a result, BLOCKSMITH will no longer be a consolidated subsidiary of KLab and is expected to become an equity-method affiliate of KLab.


We believe that this transfer agreement will significantly increase the control ratio of Sanada, the founder of BLOCKSMITH, and will enable us to make more flexible and agile decisions in our operations, which will lead to further promotion of our business. Particularly as further fundraising and a future IPO are envisioned, having a high control ratio in Sanada to withstand dilution will enhance management stability.


In addition, since KLab will continue to hold a certain percentage of our shares, as a member of the KLab group of companies, we will continue to receive a boost to the success of our business. We will continue to utilize the knowledge acquired through the development and operation of mobile online games utilizing IP, which is KLab's core business, and strive to launch Web3 related businesses such as "Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS-" and "QAQA".