2023.10.31News Release

Express 'Japanese Ghost Atories' with AI Art! ~QAQA×STORY GAME×#SOZO美術館 Joint Competition Held~

The Winning Artwork Will Be Displayed as Posters in Cinemas and Used In the QAQA Quiz.

BLOCKSMITH&Co. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tetsuya Sanada; hereinafter "BLOCKSMITH") is pleased to announce hold an AI art theme competition and campaign with Caiba Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Katsutoshi Kitamura), which operates the #SOZO美術館, a new platform for public submissions of AI artworks via SNS and “STORY GAME”, a movie to be released on Friday, November 1oth, distributed by Giggly Box Co.,Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Satoshi Miyazaki).

The competition and campaign will include a social networking competition for AI art related to Japanese ghost stories, with the selected works being made into posters to be unveiled on stage and displayed in cinemas, and a #ストーリー・ゲームクイズ campaign on the official QAQA LINE, with quizzes related to the film.


AI Art Competition and Campaign Overview


<AI Art Competition>
AI art expressing the 'Japanese ghost stories' that are the subject of the film Story Game is held in X. As a result of the judging, the selected artwork will be displayed on panels in cinemas and will also be used in the quiz campaign described below.


<LINE ‘#ストーリー・ゲームクイズ’ Campaign>
To coincide with the release of the film 'Story Game', a quiz campaign will be held on the official 'QAQA' LINE. There will be a total of five quizzes related to the film 'Story Game', and ten winners will be drawn from those who answer at least one question to receive a 'Story Game' movie ticket and an Amazon gift-card worth 3,000 JPY.



  • AI Art Competition for Nntries : Wed, 1st Nov 1:00 - Wed, 8th Nov 23:59
  • Announcement of AI Art Competition winners :Fri, 10th Nov 
  • LINE Campaign:Mon, 13th Nov 10:00 - Mon, 20th Nov 09:59 (8 days)
  • Announcement of LINE Campaign winners : Late Nov.

■How to Apply

<AI Art Competition>
Theme: Use AI Art to represent ghost stories passed down across Japan!

1. Follow the official "QAQA" account on X ( ) and add the official "QAQA" LINE  ( ) as a friend.
2. Create an image that expresses a Japanese ghost story using the image generation AI.
3. Post the generated art on X (formerly Twitter) with the two hashtags below and one official account. Please copy and paste the following.

#SOZO日本の怪談 #SOZO美術館

<AI Art X Repost Award>
1. Follow the official QAQA account on X ( ) and add the official LINE of QAQA  ( ) as a friend.
2. Repost one/any of the submissions to the AI Art Competition.


Comprehensive judging will be carried out by #SOZO Museum, BLOCKSMITH6Co. and #SOZO Members, as well as by the number of reposts to the submitted arts.


【Production conditions and terms and conditions of entry】
・The winning entries will be used in the #ストーリー・ゲームクイズ campaign on the official QAQA Line.
・The winners will be notified by the X 'QAQA' account.
・The winning entries will be displayed on panels in cinemas.
・The winning entries will be processed by the Secretariat using Photoshop when printed on the panels.
・Any image-generating AI tool is acceptable.
・Please see the AI art submission terms and conditions on the details page ( ).


<LINE ‘#ストーリー・ゲームクイズ’ Campaign>
Add the official QAQA LINE ( ) as a friend and answer the quiz about the film 'Story Game' from the official QAQA LINE. You can take part in the quiz from the tab in the menu of the official QAQA LINE.


*Notification of AI Art Competition winners will be sent via DM on X (formerly Twitter).
*People who are currently experiencing the advance play of "QAQA" can also participate from within the app.
*Participants from LINE and those from the app will be drawn together.



<AI Art Competition>

  • One Grand Priz (QAQA Award) 1 winner: Amazon Giftcard worth 30,000 JPY , STORY GAME poster signed by Ayumi Ito, Winning AI Art poster signed by the director.
  • Second Grand Priz (#SOZO Award) 1 winner: Amazon Giftcard worth 20,000 JPY,  STORY GAME poster signed by Ayumi Ito, Winning AI Art poster signed by the director.
  • Special Prize 10 winners: Amazon Gift card worth 5,000 JPY, STORY GAME poster signed by Ayumi Ito
  • X-Repost Prize 3 winners in a drawing: Movie "Story Game" Movie Ticket.


*The X-Repost Prize will be drawn from those who have reposted one/any of the submitted works.
*Amazon giftcards are all provided as Amazon digital gift cards.

<LINE ‘#ストーリー・ゲームクイズ’ Campaign>

  • Amazon Giftcard worth 3,000 JPY & Movie 'Story Game' Movie Ticket for 10 lucky winners.

*Amazon giftcards are all provided as Amazon digital gift cards.


  • User-submitted vertical short video quiz service 'QAQA'/ Development: BLOCKSMITH&Co.
  • #SOZO美術館 / Run by Caiba Inc.
  • Film 'STORY GAME'/ Distributed by Giggly Box Co.,Ltd.


Three college students on a camping trip in Hawaii make a bet to see who can tell the scariest story. Around a campfire, they tell scary stories according to the instructions of an app called 'The Story Game'. When the three tell their tales and are about to decide who wins, an unexpected participant appears.
The director, Jason K. Lau from Hawaii, portrays Japanese ghost stories as Japanese horror, including the well-known Hanako-san from Gakko no Kaidan (School Ghost Stories), the urban legend Kuchisake Onna (The Slit-Mouthed Woman) and Oiwa from Yotsuya Kaidan (The Ghost Story of Yotsuya).

Released: Fri, 10th November 2023
Director: Jason K. Lau
Cast: Ririka Okano and others
Distributor: Giggly Box Co.,Ltd.

About 'QAQA'

"QAQA" is a user-generated vertical short video quiz app where users can ask quizzes, accumulate "Chips" by continuously answering correctly, and exchange the accumulated "Chips" for the cryptocurrency "BLQS".

An alpha version is available for users to experience certain features such as quiz questions and answers. Various event functions to enhance the quiz experience, as well as the addition of NFTs, the cryptocurrency "BLQS," and a proprietary wallet, are planned to be gradually introduced.
We are also looking for more companies to join us in the future.




Company Name: BLOCKSMITH&Co.
President and CEO: Tetsuya Sanada
Establishment: April 1, 2022
Capital: 14,999,950 JPY
Head office: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-6122
Business: Development and distribution of products such as blockchain technology and crypto assets utilising NFTs


<About Caiba Inc.>

Company Name: Caiba Inc.
President and CEO: Katsutoshi Kitamura
Establishment: 2021

<About Giggly Box Co.,Ltd.>

Company Name: Giggly Box Co.,Ltd.
President and CEO : Satoshi Miyazaki
Establishment : 7th March 2019
Location: A・I Nibancho Building 1F, 10-24 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0084
Business : General film distribution business (advertising, sales, website development) etc.